Since the goals of a library book club are distinct from those of other interactions, it is sensible that the structure of a social networking library book club should be distinct from the normal structure of social networking. There could be many such structures, depending on the library, patrons, and social networking platform. However, what follows is an example of one possible structure to encourage engaging discussion among library patrons through social networking.

The social networking book club will meet on an album of photographs. This album will be posted on the library book club’s social media site. These albums would each constitute a different discussion room.

The photos within each album would not be actual photos, but individual discussion questions, which are open-ended and engaging. The question-photos themselves would be visually appealing, using a theme which is consistent in color among the different questions within a chapter or session, consistent in design among the different sessions relating to a specific title, and consistent in branding among the different book clubs sponsored by the library. This way, the question-photo continues to be associated with the library and the book club regardless of whose profile the question-photo is shared on. The ground rules also will be contained in a single photo, branded accordingly. The picture below provides a basic example of one such question-photo.


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