How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds

Just for a funny, I don’t necessarily think that Social Media is ruining our minds. I do think it’s changing how we interact with people. But any who, I found this infographic on Pinterest and it relates to the dangers of social media topic Anne is addressing with her posts. Enjoy!

(Source: Agentur für New Marketing) You can find more awesome infographics on my Pinterest board for technology articles and infographics.


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  1. Richard A. says:

    What are the implications of this and Zero Moment of Truth, as you discuss later?
    I wonder to what extent the library should encourage behaviors which foster increased attention-span and memory development. It is easy to say that the library pursues those things because it is nice and beneficial, but it could easily be said that these things are a matter of survival. The library cannot compete as soon as patrons have no attention span or memory. The individual who ‘like’s the library might not vote for a new levy because they are living lifestyles of instant gratification.

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