We live in a digital world, there's no denying it.


Digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses all forms of promotion online. It includes Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO), Reputation Management, Social Media and everything involving technological marketing. Our lives are SO heavily steeped in technology now that marketing was bound to eventually move into the digital arena. Google’s ZMOT, ebook on digital marketing from last fall (more on this later), described ignoring the digital market as signing up your company for a 1-800 number and not having anyone to answer it. If businesses can’t ignore the digital marketing era anymore, how can Libraries?

Most all of our decisions are influenced by technology in someway now.

For instance, you’re watching tv and see a commercial for a new camera. Your last camera broke and you were thinking of a new one anyway, so you pull out your mobile phone and google the camera. But there’s no mobile site and you get annoyed with trying to zoom in and moving around. You see there’s a special being offered on Facebook for a different brand and opt for buying that one from Amazon, buying it on your phone even before the commercials are over. (Although let’s be honest, who watches live tv anymore?)

Digital marketing has also created a load of jobs, a whole new era of industry that is creating more jobs by the minute. Especially for those with our particular training I might add. My part of this blog will be trying to demystify the techniques of digital marketing and how libraries can successfully leverage them for their purposes. Social media is only one piece of the puzzle but the one we’ll be shedding the light on during this blog. In that vein, I’m going to do profiles on the more prominent social media platforms and how they’re being used to library purposes.


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  1. Allison says:

    I believe that Social Media is essential to the survival of a library. Teens are the future, they are the future community leaders who are going to be making decisions to support the library and its program. I feel teens need to be sought after and accommodated early, not only to help them as they progress through life, but to have them remember us once they have gotten there. Using social media such as Facebook and Twitter is a great way to reach these teens. Most of them go to this type, not only to socialize, but to inquire and have questions answered by their peers as well as anyone else who is utilizing the sites. It libraries don’t embrass the technologies that are being used by teens, they are not embrassing the future.

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