Social media marketing is considered a great marketing tool for many businesses and organizations. It’s inexpensive, it reaches a large group of potential clients, it’s easy to target your desired audience, and it’s popular with the younger generation.

It’s easy to see why libraries would use a variety of social media marketing platforms to reach out to new patrons, inform people of special events, and get people interested in the library. After all, public libraries depend on tax money, and with the economy in bad shape, unessential services are being cut to the bone. Libraries need to prove they are popular and essential services in their communities, and increasing their circulation and patronage through social media marketing is a great way to do that without breaking the budget.

It is not necessarily that simple, however. There are tons of pitfalls that libraries can become trapped in while attempting social media marketing. A bevy of social networking issues have gained attention in the media recently. Privacy, security, fake friends, and an overwhelming amount of information are all issues that may cause some users to become disenchanted with social networking.

Throughout this blog, I will explore some of the issues that social media is facing and provide some suggestions for how libraries can avoid issues in order to create social media marketing ideas that will be attractive and compelling to viewers, as well as successful in linking patrons and potential patrons with libraries in new ways!

In the mean time, check out this article from Time Magazine about the decline of Facebook.


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  1. […] post here brings up some interesting questions about the risks of using social media as a marketing tool. […]

  2. Amy Kaiser says:

    I think you make an excellent point in your post about using the social media as a marketing tool. It’s budget friendly, which must be considered especially in these economic times and it is practical. Most people use some sort of social networking sites and if that is where the people are, than that is where we librarians must go as well.

    • herrinan says:

      Hi Amy, thanks for your thoughts! You’re right, libraries must go where the people are, which in this case, is social media! Any posts you see under the catagory “Issues with Social Media Marketing” will examine some of the drawbacks to “going where the people are”. While it is a wonderful tool, it’s also important to be careful how we use it!

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